An Analysis of Moral Values in the Movie “A Man Called Otto (2022)”

Cut Feby Putri Uzira, Chairina Nasir, Nira Erdiana


The objectives of thisstudy are divided into two parts, the first is to analyze the moral values in the movie “A Man Called Otto (2022)” and the second is to find out the most dominant moral values appearing in the movie “A Man Called Otto (2022)”. The methodologyused in this study is descriptive qualitative research. The data were collected from movie application.The data were gathered by transcribing the dialogue of the movie and then analyzing them based on the classification proposed by Linda and Eyre (1997). The results of this study showed that the movie has some moral values. These values are kindnessand friendliness, respect, love and affection, and unselfishness and sensitivity, and honesty. The most frequently used moral values are unselfishness and sensitivity.The achievements of this study are expected to give some contribution to further study related to moral values. 


Moral Values; Movie; Qualitative Research

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