Ekstraksi Selulosa dari Ampas Tebu Menggunakan Proses Soda

Ichwan Fathurrahman, Feisal Ali Azmi, Fauzi Fauzi, Hisbullah Hisbullah


Generally, agricultural biomass waste management is only limited to making recycled paper. Not only to reduce the level of environmental pollution, but innovation in handling agricultural biomass waste is very important to increase the economic value of this waste. Biomass is composed of several components such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. The cellulose extraction process uses the soda method, namely an alkaline heating system that uses high pressure with the addition of NaOH which functions as a cooking solution with an adjusted
ratio. The biomass waste used was bagasse with varied variables, namely cooking time and weight of NaOH. The results obtained were based on Yield Value at 2 hours operation time and weight variation of 15 g NaOH, namely the content of cellulose samples containing 95% α-cellulose, 1.5% hemicellulose, 3.2% lignin and ash. Furthermore, the sample with an operating time of 2 hours and 15 g of NaOH was analyzed by FTIR and obtained groups in the sample, namely the O-H group, the stretched C-H group and the bending vibration. DSC analysis on the sample shows that there are no glass transition temperature points and melting temperature points, only a decomposition point at 350℃. XRD analysis obtained a crystallinity index (CI) of 88.09%.


Biomass; cellulose; soda process; FTIR; DSC; XRD

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