Mutu Sensori Hand Body Lotion Dengan Variasi konsentrasi Ekstrak Daun Kelor Dan Triethanolamine

Rini Feradina, Yusya' Abubakar, Yanti Meldasari Lubis


The Moringa plant (Moringa oleifera) is a plant that has a lot of antioxidants. Therefore, Moringa leaf extract have been tried to be used as an additional ingredient (mixture) in various cosmetic ingredients, one of which as lotion. Moringa leaf extract can be obtained using the maceration method with 96% ethanol. This research aims to study the effect of triethanolamine concentration and Moringa leaf extract concentration on the hedronic properties of hand body lotion. This research uses a hedonic test with parameters of texture, aroma, color, sticky impression and moist impression. The scale values used are (1) really don't like, (2) don't like, (3) neutral, (4) like, and (5) really like. This research used a factorial randomized block desing (RAK), with concentration factors from the use of triethanolamine and moringa leaf extract. The triethanolamine factor consists of two levels, namely 1% and 2%. The second factor is the yield of moringa leaf extract at three levels, namely 0.6%, 1% and 1.4%. The research results showed that the concentration of TEA and Moringa leaf extract had an effect on the value of color preference, aroma, sticky impression and moisture. In the texture test, the addition of TEA and Moringa leaf extract did not affect the texture of the lotion. The panelists' preference for the best hand body lotion was obtained by adding a concentration of 2% Moringa leaf extract and 0.6% or 1% triethanolamine.


Moringa oleifera, moringa extract, triethanolamine, hand body lotion

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