Gambaran Pengetahuan Pasien Mengenai Gigi Sensitif Di Puskesmas Baitussalam Aceh Besar

Ngurah Ray, Zuraida Usman Bany, Sri Rezeki


Sensitive teeth are a common dental and oral health problem. In 2011, 45% of people in Indonesia feel pain due to sensitive teeth when consuming cold or hot, or acidic food or drink, but 52% of Indonesians do not realize that they have sensitive teeth.6 The purpose of this study is to know the patient's knowledge About sensitive teeth at Baitussalam Public Health Center of Aceh Besar. This research type is descriptive research, with number of research subject is 97 person. Data collection was done by division of questionnaire to research subjects who have been given informed consent. The results showed that as many as 48 people (49.5%) of the subjects had good knowledge, 34 people (35.1%) had moderate knowledge and 15 people (15.4%) had poor knowledge of sensitive teeth. It was concluded that most research subjects, 48 of 97 people (49.5%) had good knowledge of sensitive teeth. 

Keywords : Patient knowledge, sensitive teeth, Baitussalam Public Health Center of Aceh Besar.

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