Analysis The Implementation Of Program For Reducing Malnutrition Status Of Toddlers By Health Department Of Banda Aceh City

Maulya Ulfah


ABSTRACT, The National acceleration nutrition programe that has been
regulated by the goverment on govermental law number 42/2013, article Number
2 Clause 1. Is an attempt beetwen goverment and the community through
participant and attention of the stake holders, planned and coordinated to
accelerate the refinement of nutrition, focus on 1000 days of first life.Severe
Malnutrition status in the city of Banda Aceh in 2018 has increased compared to
the previous year. In 2008, there were 7 cases of severe malnutrition, 99 cases of
nutritional deficiencies, 194 stunting cases, and 575 cases of the baby BRL (below
red line) . This research is aimed to understand the implementation of program,
the obstacles in the implementation of program as well as the effort made to deal
with the obstacles of the implementation of program on the reduction of
malnutrition in toddlers by the health office of the city of Banda Aceh The method
used in this research is descriptive qualitative with data analysis techniques using
the theory of policy implementation of George C. Edward III, including
communication, resources, disposition and bureaucratic structure. The results of
this study are first, the implementation has been implemented however the
implementation is still not effective due to the lack of community’s participation 

in the Posyandu (integrated health post). Second, in the implementation process of
program of the Health office and Health Center, there are still communication
constraints and human resources as well as inadequate facilities and
infrastructure. Third, the efforts to overcome obstacles in the implementation of
the 1000 HPK program includes strengthening the posyandu (integrated health
post), and strengthening the cooperation across programs and across sectors. The
conclusion of this study is that the regional government of the city of Banda Aceh,
Health Office of the city of Banda Aceh and related parties are expected to increase
cooperation with stakeholder for the successful implementation of the program on
the reduction of malnutrition in toddlers.
Keywords: Implementation of Program, The Reduction of Malnutrition in
Toddlers, Health Office of the City of Banda Aceh.

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