Adinda Putri Balqis, Maulana Kamal


The purpose of this study is to analyse and compare the financial performance of Islamic commercial banks in terms of risk and maqashid sharia approaches. Financial performance is measured by return on assets, while risk is measured by indicators such as non-performing funds, good corporate governance, and capital adequacy ratio. Indicators used to measure maqashid sharia include publicity ratio, profit sharing ratio, and zakat ratio. Data for this study was sourced from annual and good corporate governance reports spanning ten years (2011-2022). Financial performance was assessed using both risk and maqashid sharia approaches. The two approaches were then compared using an independent samples t-test. The study found that risk measurement and maqashid sharia indicators have an impact on the financial performance of Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia. However, the results from T-test of two means on the two approaches showed mixed outcomes. This study's novelty lies in incorporating good corporate governance as a risk-based financial measurement and the zakat ratio into the maqashid-based Islamic measurement to evaluate performance of Islamic commercial banks in Indonesia


Performance, Risk-Based Performance, Maqashid Syariah Index-Based Performance, Islamic Banks.

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